Resolusi Awal Tahun 2010

On January 2, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Sugeng Kurniawan

Maaf ya, gak ada resolusi untuk dibagi-bagi dengan kalian, NO publication about this, hahaha…. dan lagian aku gak punya resolusi yang seperti orang-orang Amerika yang dengan budayanya itu. Resolusi menurutku harus fleksibel, tidak kaku harus dibuat di setiap awal tahun, baik tahun Islam (kalender Hijriyah), maupun tahun Masehi. Pokok kalo punya kemauan, punya ide, ya langsung lakukan saja :). Jangan sampai NO ACTION RESOLUTION ONLY !!!, hehhe, kosa kata baru nih :p

Berikut ku lampirkan juga hasil chat dengan salah satu orang Amerika asli, berikut petikannya …
start 1/2/2010 3:49:46 AM
SK: hi james
JM: happy new yearrrrrrrrr!!!!!
SK: :p
SK: happy new year too …
JM: hows your day buddy?
SK: not bad
SK: hehehe
SK: celebrating new year at home
JM: year I hear you man I about to go to my aunts and uncles and watch the buckeyes
SK: oke
JM: so whats your resolution for this year??
SK: i don’t have any resolution yet
JM: hey man to each his own man
SK: i think, resolution is not must in the first day every year
SK: it’s can be any time
JM: yeah I fell you but most americans make them at the first of every year
SK: yups, i see that  …
JM: hey is youre country near taiwan
SK: my country is near singapore
SK: **my country is near singapore
SK: above australia, if you see at wolrd map
JM: oh singapore I remeber a white guy from a near by city here in ohio had gottn flogged for vandalism
SK: wow…
JM: his parents were rich and tried to get some government officials involveled in it and it didnt work
SK: ??
JM: his but still bares the marks from his spanking
SK: vandalism on what? [and suddenly, my internet connection dropped :(]
SK: i’m sorry, drop connection, cause my network cabble biten by cat.. :9
end chat 1/2/2010 4:04:42 AM

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